[AllGirlMassage] Ana Foxxx, Slimthick Vic (Please Excuse The Mess)

A flustered stay-at-home parent, Ana Foxxx, welcomes a masseuse, Slimthick Vic, to her home. Ana explains that her husband gifted her an in-home massage but that she had to squeeze the appointment in between a bunch of other things… so her home is a bit of a mess. Fortunately for her, Vic doesn’t seem bothered at all and instead can’t wait to help Ana relax. As Vic massages her, gliding her hands all over Ana’s body, it’s revealed that Ana is in over her head and feels she can’t catch a break. But Vic is supportive and helps soothe her with tantric techniques that help Ana FINALLY relax for the first time in who knows how long!
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Actors: Ana Foxxx, Slimthick Vic
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