[BBCSurprise] Shrooms Q (Force Me To Do Things)

Today we have ShroomsQ for her BBC surprise. It was awesome and if the orgasm count below is any indication of how much fun and total toe curling exhilaration was thrust up muShrroms’s tight little vagina, well it was Saturn 5 rocket launch to say the least. Thick, massive, powerful, and relentless in it’s mission to boldly go and to concur and find new places up little truffles’ slit. This girl is an untapped nymphomaniac and her genie’s finally been let loose and can never be put back in the bottle. She’s A-Dick-tid to large cocks now and when white cock director Rocky asked our tasty little truffle what her favorite part of today was and she replied, “Him forcing his dick down my throat.” Love this girl and Come The Fuck On because this shit isn’t fare. You know my hot as fuck female sex addiction counselor told me porn isn’t real. The girls in it aren’t real, and you’ll never actually find girls that will live up to the fantasy I’ve built up in my mind. I haven’t told her yet I produce porn and I’m hoping to bang her within the next few visits but little shroomie here’s a real life girl that will live up to all your perverted fantasies because finally she’s experienced phonemically great sex. I think we’ve ruined her for all you regular guys so sorry about that, and her other experiences over at excogigirls and exploitedcollegegirls listed below are the first time she’s ever has an orgasm with someone else and it’s the first time she’s ever been able to orgasm from just being fucked by a cock. Spring’s upon her and this shy caterpillar’s transformed into a beautiful butterfly after the slit licking and proper dicking she’s received from us. You’re welcome our little fungi and so glad you were able to live out a little bit of your fetishes today. You see she’s into that CNC (Consent Non Consent) role-playing thing and today Isiah took her and her holes to the moon and back. She was just along for the ride and enjoyed every fucking minute. So cheers everyone and below are a few of the quotes from today’s shenanigans. Drive safe and please, please, please, please, have a designated driver. It’s a jungle out there.

Actors: Shrooms Q
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