[DadCrush] Leila Cove (Alone Time With Leila)

Mike hardly sees his wife, but his stepdaughter, Leila Cove, is always around. Its been getting difficult not seeing his wife – a man has needs, and all Mike wants to do is fuck and cum. Leila notices her stepdaddy is stressed, and she wants to make him feel better. She sees his hard cock through his pants and makes her move. Leila rubs her stepdad’s dick, and he is astonished. He knows its wrong, but she is only his stepdaughter – would a little fun be so bad? Leila takes off her top so Mike can see her perky tits, then she sucks his dick. He can already feel his stress melting away. Later, Mike finds himself alone with Leila again, and their desire for another has become irresistible. In the kitchen, Leila strips naked and gets on the kitchen counter, spreading her legs so her stepdad can see her pussy. Mike rubs her clit, and Leila gets wetter and wetter while thoughts of her stepdads cock fill her mind. He knows what theyre doing is taboo, but hes too turned on to think about it. Things come to their climax when they can no longer endure their urges. Leila rides Mike with intense passion, and he squeezes and pinches her nipples to get her even more excited. When he cant hold his load any longer, Mike cums all over his stepdaughters face. She wants everything he can give her and sticks out her tongue to get what she can. Looks like Mike wont be needing his wife around after all.
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Actors: Leila Cove
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