[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Ruby Moon (Double Dick Certified)

Today is special everyone because why? Well Ruby Moon is back is why and she’s here to fulfill something every young girl envisions and romanticizes about when coming of age and hopes will happen to her and her orifices. Double Penetration baby, that’s fucking right everyone and this girl wants ALL HER HOLES FILLED and has quite the appetite for trying new things in the bedroom we found out. And who knew that this was the key to unlocking those true feelings and desires of multiple cocks and toys filling every hole that have been suppressed and hidden. Well it’s your lucky day girl and our two studs Tyler Nixon and Cam took full advantage of the situation to release all their “passions” on you and your holes for what our Orgasm Counter tracked as a record day and you better believe her holes got thoroughly used in the process and she loved it. Just watch her post shoot confession and this chapter of Ruby’s love affair with Tyler and his cock played out to a very orgasmic symphony and I believe she’s found her new favorite thing to do. But I’m getting way ahead of myself and lets rewind and start from the beginning shall we? Enter Ruby and her toys she brought with her because any sexpot nympho that brings her own sex toys to a porn shoot means business. Not joking because she brought her favorite toy and thing looks like the spear that Auqa Man uses to save the underwater world from certain doom and peril. What it does do is it stimulates Ruby’s pussy and clit like a vibrating Rabbit would but with an extra beaded tentacle that gets inserted up her ass for one fucking hell of a great time. The ass is important to Ruby because it’s what gets her off the most, and when I say it gets her off? I mean IT GETS HER OFF. You’ll see when you watch this video and I’ve never seen a girl take to Double Penetration so quickly as Ruby did today and the sky’s the limit for this girl. Because after the shenanigans concluded she hinted that she wants more and more and more cocks at once. I’ve never done a gangbang scene before but if there was a girl I would attempt it with, it’s Ruby. So just get watching because really this scene is packed full of perversion and Ruby gets the shit, literally, fucked out of her. It’s not for everybody and it happens around orgasm #7 just warning you. So with that I’ll leave you all to beat off and enjoy the sexual coming out of Ruby and a classic quote that I think sums up her experiences with us. And after thoroughly throat fucking herself and almost making herself through up at (51:25) she say’s, “Thought I almost died right there.” It was said with a smirky smile that says I’m really having a lot of fun and so will you watching it. So with that I bid you all farewell.
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Actors: Ruby Moon
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