[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Trinity (The Red Pill. Loved All Of It)

Question Trinity. Do you want to know what ”IT” is? IT, is what has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. To imprison you and your mind, and Tyler Nixon is here to offer you Sexual Freedom. You have the option of taking a Red Pill, which would enable you to understand what is actually occurring outside the illusion created by the ExCoGi Porn Matrix. Or you take a Blue Pill, which would allow you to return to your own bed and experience only the illusion of your prior somewhat boring sexual past, and according to you Trinity only consists of sporadic Rough Sex with men which is only somewhat satisfying and is the reason you prefer girls to guys. The Matrix will play mind games on you Trinity that’s for sure, so it’s your choice. Chose wisely and if you’ve seen her absolutely scorching First Sex on Camera over at entitled: “I Like Girls More Than Guys” with Amber Moore then you know she took the Red Pill and she’s on her way to unlocking her suppressed Sexual Desires. Well lets fast forward to today and Tyler is up for the challenge to unlock and open Trinity’s eyes to what a professional Cocksman can do when let loose on a newbie that says she likes it rough. She explains what “rough” is in the interview portion so don’t fast forward. But if you do you’ll see that Passion is overflowing as Tyler kisses and plays with Trinity’s pussy until it explodes for the first of 14 Orgasms today. Warning, wear a raincoat everyone because at (15:11) the first five rows will get wet as Trinity’s Pussy Squirts like a water fountain! Wow! And this sets the tone for the rest of the day as Tyler Licks and Probes Trinity’s Pussy and Asshole before inducing another Squirting Orgasm at (20:24). Now what happens next is a first for me, and everyone else here at ExCoGi, because Trinity loves to Hump Pillows and humped her way she did to O #3 at (21:27). Glad I don’t sleep with those pillows because I’m sure they have a certain twang to them. Face Fucking you ask? You betcha, and it’s what Trinity confessed afterwards in the shower was her favorite part of the day. What a fantastic girl, and even though I don’t have a vagina I’ve heard that getting slammed and Dicked right is well . . . JUST FUCKING AWESOME! And that’s what happened next as Tyler rubbed that cute little Clit of hers until O’s #5 and #6 erupted and there isn’t one damn second of this flick that lacks an all out intensity between these two. I mean Trinity even says, “I’m going to throw up” at (45:07) and then does it in her own mouth during Face Fucking, and I’m assuming she swallows it before Tyler lays another one of the one billionth kisses on her. I mean Fuck Meeeeeeee!!! Because we’re not even halfway through the scene and the Rough Stuff hasn’t even started yet. And don’t get me going about the Footjob Trinity gives Tyler at (1:15:10) because her Pussy was to sore from the all out assault Tyler unleashed upon her because this video has it all. Let’s see what other highlights are worth noting. Well Trinity self induced her own Deep Throating at (1:04:02) not once, not twice, but three times before retreating and recovering from her Gagging while Mr. Black Shirt tortures her Clit with a Magic Wand. Wow, this girl loves Sex and can suck chrome off a trailer hitch I bet with those DSL’s. Her First Orgasm EVER from just a Penis was at (1:19:10) for O #9, and then for the finale at (1:28:08) Trinity with a face full of Cum wipes off some of Tyler’s Jizz and then licks her fingers clean because this girl again Loves Sex. Loves the taste of Cum even more from the first and only man who’s made her cum from just Fucking her, and so with that I hope you all enjoy trinity’s Red Pill awakening and I bid you all farewell.

Actors: Trinity