[GirlsOnlyPorn] Jade Maris, Whitney OC (The Secretary)

Whitney Oc is trying to work when her secretary Jade Maris comes stumbling late into her office. Jade has barely made it in the doorway before she drops the papers she’s holding everywhere. Even as Jade has knelt to pick everything up, Whitney begins lecturing her about her demeanor and her outfit. Helping Jade out of her jacket, Whitney has her subordinate do a spin. Satisfied that she has helped Jade to be slightly more professional in her dress, Whitney tells her that on the matter of punishment for her poor behavior, Jade will need to bend over the desk. Even as Jade obeys, Whitney spanks her. When Whitney realizes that Jade is liking it and that her pussy is wet, the punishment takes on a whole new note. Peeling off her own suit jacket, Whiteny takes a seat on the desk where Jade is watching with curiosity. She spreads her thighs to hike up her miniskirt and then pulls her thong aside to reveal her trimmed snatch. Telling Jade that maybe she’ll be good at this, Whitney instructs the younger woman to eat her pussy. Jade doesn’t need to be asked twice; she leans in and uses her tongue to rock Whitney’s world. Now that she’s had one climax, Whitney is feeling a little bit more forgiving about Jae’s behavior. She gets to her feet and feels Jade up nice and slow, spending plenty of time on Jade’s tits. Walking behind Jade, Whitney bends her over the desk this time so she can feast on that twat from behind. Eventually she helps Jade onto the desk so she can get comfy between Jade’s thighs as she keeps on licking. Kissing their mutual flavors from each other’s lips, the ladies rearrange themselves for more sexy punishment. Jade puts Whitney against the desk so she can use her tongue and fingers to explore from behind. Turning around, Whitney winds her fingers through Jade’s hair to keep her in just the right spot. The girls both get on the desk next, laying in opposite directions. That lets them reach out to rub down the other’s pussy, creating a maelstrom of delight. There’s nothing they can do but cum apart one last time before exchanging a final kiss and knowing they finally understand one another completely.

Actors: Jade Maris, Whitney OC
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