[GirlsWay] Rebecca Vanguard, Octavia Red (Trust Me, I’m An Expert!)

Octavia Red has been working with a dating coach, Rebecca Vanguard, to give her an edge when she’s meeting guys. Little does she know, however, that Rebecca didn’t start this coaching to help women date men… She started so that she could have an easy time seducing women for herself! Rebecca’s not at all obvious about this, of course. She has a discreet system. A calculated way to break down her clients’ barriers and get them ready to succumb to temptation. First, she gets Octavia to wear skimpier clothing than she’s used to. Then, she gets her to practice some sexy, arousing poses. Lastly, Rebecca gets Octavia to slow dance with her, making sure their bodies get REAL close. As Rebecca and Octavia stare into each other’s eyes, Rebecca can tell her magic is working. She goes in for the kiss, but surprisingly, Octavia pulls away. She’s concerned- should they really be doing this? But Rebecca assures Octavia that she should trust her. After all, she IS an expert in this stuff… And kissing just happens to be one of the most important aspects of dating, so who BETTER to reach Octavia on how to do it right? Octavia thinks it over… Rebecca certainly has a point! Oh well, why not? It’s just a kiss, after all… What ELSE could possibly happen?