[HotMILFsFuck] Kiera (Let The Freaky Side Out)

Say hello to single and ready to mingle Kiera. A 32-year-old hot Milf by definition with 1 little kiddo at home that confesses to an almost overly obsessive and compulsive urge to leave the blinds open “by accident” so people can watch her either shower, get dressed, or fuck her main stiffy. She even told us that she once fucked her way across the country by train and at one of the scheduled stops she pretended to leave the windows open to a crowded platform so as to scratch that nagging itch to flash complete strangers. Because we all know that sexual acts in general always feel better when strangers are watching. It’s true and one of life’s mystery’s as to why a non-tangible component enhances and elevates something so much more. The same reason grandma’s apple pie tastes better than store bought apple pie. It’s the love and attention to detail that grandma puts into it is why, and even thought I’m not telling you to do something illegal such as fuck someone in a park with people watching. But if you have the balls, try it sometime because the feeling of doing something naughty paired with the dangers of being caught invokes the fight or flight mechanism within us and gets the old adrenaline juices flowing. Anyways I hope this brief little peak into Keira’s interview and self is just that little taste that gets you begging for more because this woman can fuck and this is a hot ass scene. So go watch it and safe voyeuristic travels.

Actors: Kiera