[JapanHDV] Shiori Yamate (Cheating Bride, Shiori Yamate, Fucked By Two Wedding Planners)

Shitori Yamate is a bride-to-be. She is getting ready for her wedding. And she met with the wedding planner to go over the last details. It’s also the day her wedding dress arrived. And she is eager to try it on. The wedding planner shows her the dress, she puts it on, and the photographer takes some nice pics of her. Everything is normal until she has to undress the wedding dress. She asks the planner for some help with the back zipper. And while trying to help her, the wedding planner couldn’t stop himself from grabbing on her titties. He is just so horny for her. He throws her on the bed and starts fingering her cunt. Shiori tried to stop her, but the fingering action was too good. Slowly, she gives into her sluttiness and accepts the forced proposal of cheating. At that moment, the photographer gets in the room. And Shitori’s spread legs were so inviting. Both men started licking her titties. That’s when she really got turned. She’s about to cheat on her future husband with two men. But they made her so horny. She got on her knees and sucked both their dicks, happy about their size. Then the guys played with her pussy and ate it before they started fucking her. She is so hot with her big round titties and her fit body. Both guys had some good dick for her wet hairy cunt. She came so many times. After the first guy jizzed in her pussy, she asked for more. And the second guy used that creampie as lube to fuck her brains out. She might be back tomorrow for some more wedding planning.
Free Download [JapanHDV] Shiori Yamate (Cheating Bride, Shiori Yamate, Fucked By Two Wedding Planners)

Actors: Shiori Yamate
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