[LezBeBad] Kenna James, Vicki Chase, Katrina Colt (DV Spank-Bank Sex Tape)

Kenna James is tidying up her husband’s drawers when she stumbles upon a curious box, hidden underneath some clothes. She opens it and is shocked to find her husband’s spank bank, filled with lesbian porn and erotica. Who would’ve known he had this fetish? Well, Kenna has some secrets as well, like the fact that she used to experiment with women in college. And since her husband is obviously into that… maybe she can come up with an extra-special gift for him. Kenn invites her two old college friends, Vicki Chase and Katrina Colt, over to her house while her husband is out of town. She offers for them to fuck in in a threesome, and do whatever they want to her, on the condition that she can tape the entire thing as a gift to her husband. Vicki and Katrina accept and proceed to fuck Kenna’s brains out, including DPing her with two strapons as Kenna’s eyes roll back in pure bliss.

Actors: Katrina Colt, Kenna James, Vicki Chase
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