[LoveHerFeet] Maya Farrell (To Cheer Him Up)

Coming over and spending the rest of the week at her best friend’s place, Maya Farrell lounged in the living room while waiting for her friend to get back from work. Milan, her gal pal’s brother, comes in and notices the ebony beauty, making small talk and soon sharing how the date he was on did not end well. As he goes up the stairs, the bespectacled hunk drops the package he is carrying, and Maya can’t help but peek at what is in it. Lifting the contents, she asks Milan why there were a pair of stockings with him and asks to try them on after finding out who they were for. Teasingly, the curvy babe slides the lace-trimmed black stockings up each shapely leg and smiles at how turned on he got from watching. Milan approaches Maya, sitting across from her as she stretches her legs and presses the soles of her stocking-covered feet against his face. She’s delighted at all the attention he’s giving her feet, sucking on the pedicured toes with white nail polish and smelling their natural scent. Eventually, the nylon tears due to their activities, but this does not deter Milan from giving the gorgeous foot goddess the foot worship she deserves. Maya gives her best friend’s brother a footjob before getting facefucked by his sizable cock. With clothes stripped off, the muscular stud gives her trimmed pussy a licking and her white nail-polished toes a shrimping, then proceeds to fuck her in missionary on the couch. Switching positions, Maya delivers a passionate blowjob to make sure his cock is hard and ready to be ridden in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, showing off her firm ass to her partner. They continue fucking in spoons and doggystyle. After pulling out, Milan gives her another facefucking and gets treated to a rimming in return. To end their rowdy time together, Maya gives him a footjob until he cums all over her dainty stocking-covered foot, sucking on the material to clean it off.
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Actors: Maya Farrell
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