[ModernDaySins] Sinners Anonymous (12.24.2023)

Seven women (Christy Love, Kimmy Kimm, Hime Marie, Madi Collins, Vanessa Vega, Victoria Voxxx, Ember Snow) are attending a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting moderated by a male reformed sex-addict (Lucas Frost). Each woman shares a brief tale of their sexual sins and the fallout from giving into temptation. Every twisted scenario, from one woman agreeing to a free-use arrangement to another woman cheating on her loving lesbian girlfriend with two masseurs, is shared in hopes of being able to heal. However, as the women hear each other describe their raunchy past actions, they begin to get inexplicably aroused instead, and they rile each other up into craving sex right NOW. Lucas tries to calm them down, but the hungry women begin surrounding him, eventually seducing him into surrendering to his own sinful, repressed urges.

Actors: Sinners Anonymous
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