[MyYoungerLover] Syren De Mer, Alexis Tae (Motorboating For Hope)

Alexis Tae and Syren De Mer have been having a secret romance together. Recently, however, Alexis’ parents have learned of it, and have instructed Alexis to cease the affair at once, frowning upon it since Syren is much older than Alexis. Although Alexis feels glum about her parents’ reaction, she feels an increasing amount of pressure to give in to their demands, especially after everything they’ve done for her in her life. Alexis sets up a meeting with Syren to break the news to her, but Syren stubbornly refuses to accept it. So what if her parents think she’s too old to be dating Alexis? Alexis is an adult now, and she can make decisions for herself, can’t she? Why ruin such a good thing for the sake of what others think? And besides, if Alexis wants, she can just move in with Syren! There’s plenty of room at her place for the both of them, after all. Alexis loves the sound of it, but still feels a bit hesitant. Doing something like this would upheave her entire life, would it really be worth it? But Syren takes her inside and speaks to her soothingly, reminding Alexis of just how magical their love is. Within moments, Alexis decides to take the leap, and Syren brings her head to her bosom. They have sensual, intimate sex, with Alexis motorboating Syren’s perfect breasts like never before.

Actors: Alexis Tae, Syren De Mer
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