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Desiree Eden likes what she sees: a young guy. He likes what he sees: a beautiful, sexy, mature woman wearing a tight, see-through dress that hugs her body.

“I’m 76,” Desiree Eden tells him.

“No way!” he says. “You look great.”

“Do you wanna see how great I look?” she says, although by this time, he already has his hands all over her body. Before long, she has her mouth all over his cock and balls and his dick is pounding her shaved pussy, but this 76-year-old wife and mom can take a pounding, even though she’s our oldest GILF ever.

James, by the way, is 28, which makes for an age difference of nearly 50 years.

“I have sex with younger men all the time,” Desiree said. “Florida is full of young men who want to be with me.”

Desiree was born in El Paso, Texas and lives in Central Florida. She’s 5’5″, 138 pounds and has C-cup tits. She enjoys watching American football, particularly the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, and calls herself a classy slut.

Her sexual fantasy…
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