[RealGirlsFuck] Skyler Storm (Petite Blonde Step Sis Gets Pregnant On Christmas And Learns To Squirt)

My hot petite blonde step-sis, Skyler Storm, came into my room on Christmas morning. She came in a weird outfit, I was so confused. I asked her what she way doing as she looked like a total slut. She said she was just wearing it and I told her to put something else on. She looked really sad, I didn’t know what to do. I invited her to come sit on my bed so we could talk. She told me she didn’t get what she wanted for christmas and I told her to go ask Santa. After some convincing, she told me she wanted my cock. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. She said she would keep it between us but I could’ve sworn she was lying. Next, she took off all her clothes and I thought I was dreaming. She touched my cock and I started to believe her. She started sucking her stepbro off and telling me how good it was. We started fucking and I couldn’t believe how tight my stepsis was. She was so hot. She started squirting on my cock which she never did before. Lastly, I filled her up with cum and got her pregnant for Christmas. I guess I’m a dad now.

Actors: Skyler Storm
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