[WatchYouCheat] Liz Jordan, Slimthick Vic (Our Sitter’s Seduction)

A married couple, Brad Newman and Slimthick Vic, return home from an evening out. Brad sees that the sitter, Liz Jordan, is doing some homework now that the couple’s little angels have gone to bed. Brad asks Liz how college is going, and turns up the charm as the conversation progresses. When Liz mentions that she doesn’t have any classes tomorrow, Brad suggestively says that maybe she can stay here a little longer. Liz is surprised by the offer, and immediately worries about Vic getting angry. However, Vic assures Liz that she actually loves watching her husband with other women… in fact, it was Vic’s idea for Brad to start flirting with Liz! That’s a huge relief for Liz, who admits that she’s actually fantasized about a situation like this. After making sure that Vic is really okay with this, Liz rubs Brad’s cock over his clothes, and kisses him. Brad begins to undress Liz, complimenting her nice body, and Vic eagerly watches as the action unfolds…
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Actors: Liz Jordan, Slimthick Vic
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