[GirlsWay] Adria Rae, Kimmy Kimm, Queenie Sateen (A Match Made In Hell!)

A matchmaker, Queenie Sateen, is working in her office when two clients, Adria Rae and Kimmy Kimm, come in and demand refunds. It turns out that Adria and Kimmy got matched for a blind date even though they’re ex-girlfriends! Adria and Kimmy say that since their past relationship didn’t work out, obviously Queenie’s matchmaking system was WRONG to say they’re compatible. Queenie has confidence in her matchmaking system, but says she’d be willing to consider giving them refunds. But first, she wants to ask questions to better understand the situation. Adria and Kimmy begrudgingly say that’s fair enough. As Queenie asks the two clients for details on their past relationship, it is revealed that the relationship ended when Kimmy moved out of town for a work opportunity, while Adria stayed in town. Queenie deduces that Adria and Kimmy were each waiting for the other to ask if they could move out of town together. But since NEITHER of them dared to ask, they each assumed the relationship was over. Adria and Kimmy realize that Queenie is right, and that their relationship ended over a huge misunderstanding. They want to ‘kiss and make up’, but ask for Queenie’s help so they don’t mess up again when it comes to communicating their wants and needs. Queenie is all too happy to help, showing once and for all that her matchmaking system is NEVER wrong!
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Actors: Adria Rae, Kimmy Kimm, Queenie Sateen
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