[GirlsWay] Riley Nixon, Chloe Surreal (Naturally Stacked: Breast Exam Training)

A gynecologist, Dr. Chloe Surreal, introduces herself to a new medical intern, Riley Nixon. Chloe will be briefing Riley on the various aspects of being a gynecologist. Chloe starts listing gynecology topics, and says that some gynecologists will also take it upon themselves to perform breast exams on patients. Riley admits that she’s not familiar with how to perform a breast exam, but feels that it’s important to know how to do it. Chloe agrees, and offers to teach Riley how to perform one. Riley accepts, so Chloe guides Riley through the different types of breast exams- demonstrating both on herself and Riley. As this happens, they both get increasingly turned on. When Riley admits that she’s feeling aroused, Chloe says it wouldn’t be appropriate for a doctor to do anything with a patient, since that would be a breach of ethics… but luckily, neither of them is a patient. They have playful and sensual sex, saying that it’s a special part of Riley’s training!