[GirlsWay] Alexis Tae, Penny Barber (You Leave Me Speechless)

Penny Barber, a veteran pageant queen, has been coaching Alexis Tae for a pageant of her own over the last few weeks. The pageant is tomorrow, so they’re doing a dress rehearsal today, with Alexis trying on a stunning green dress for the first time. Penny can hardly believe her eyes- Alexis looks riveting, and she just can’t wait to see her prodigy grace the stage tomorrow in this splendid attire. They decide to run through some of the questions the judges will ask Alexis tomorrow. Alexis stands in the center of the living room, acting as if she is already on stage, with Penny sitting on the couch asking her a few sample questions from some index cards she has. Alexis answers beautifully but ends up practically moving Penny to tears when she describes how her main mission if she wins will be to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Alexis goes to comfort her, concerned for her mentor. Penny tells her not to worry- the speech was incredible and Penny is so proud of her. Penny only wishes that she could have had the same courage to answer like that when she was doing pageants all those years ago. Alexis, however, reminds Penny that the only reason she has the courage to do so now is because of Penny, and all the things she’s taught her. And right now, she’s willing to prove to Penny just how thankful she really is… with both her words… and her touch.

Actors: Alexis Tae, Penny Barber
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