[HotMILFsFuck] Jena LaRose (Yea I Came – 1st Orgasm Ever!)

Let me start by thanking you Jena for your service and it doesn’t end with the Air Force either. We salute you because this hot 27 year-old is a Milf by definition with 2 little kiddies at home and that’s putting in overtime. Jena also explains that this is something she has always wanted to do and she’s just super excited to try something new. Love that and today she’s here to actually get paid for fucking on camera because she’s already completed a casting over on Rick’s and she took it up the ass like any good recruit would. Trooper, and now she’s on the HMF bed ready to take Cam’s cock once more and this honorably discharged girl next door is on her way if she wants to make a name for herself in the Jizz Biz. We just love this woman and you have to watch her interview to see just how sweet and giving she is and the big lottery winner today is Jena. Spoiler alert! We find out that she’s never had an orgasm before and doesn’t masturbate!!!!!! Ever!! Oh wow, so mister black shirt, the squirting whisperer made an appearance to show this hottie what all the fuss is about for her first ever orgasm and squirting at (1:02:58). She’s in love to the one that can whisperer her pussy to squirt she declared and there’s no going back for Jena. And I ask. How can a woman be this hot, with great and amazing tits, have a killer body, likes to lick ass and is an all-around pleaser who stated she’s a submissive who will do anything her partner asks?!?!?! And not EVER EVER of had an orgasm?! This is a crying shame and I’ll state the obvious. You’ve been with the wrong men it appears but we can see why men haven’t been able to give you any O’s. You’re too fucking hot and your vagina is spectacular with beautiful lips that can milk a man of his seed in record time, and Cam got milked by those DSLs which she eagerly and seductively licked up like the good little Slutty Air Force Brat with amazing tits that she is and does. Pleaser . . . who will do anything and we loved her so much that we kept her a few extra days so she could lick her first ever pussy in a hot as fuck threesome with HMF top gal Brooke Barclays and stud Tyler Nixon. Epic and the fireworks and firsts don’t end there because we surprised her with Isiah Maxwell’s massive fun gun for her first black cock ever over at Love it more and you can thank me after you watch them. Cheers and safe travels.

Actors: Jena LaRose