[HotMILFsFuck] Ember (So Wrong It’s Right)

“Do you like being a dirty little whore?” asked Tyler Nixon at (57:12) of today’s Hot Milf Ember as he’s utterly destroying her asshole in Lazy Doggy, and I loved her reply. “I do,” as if she’s accepting Tyler’s wedding vows because Ember is in love with Tyler’s Cock and the way he fucks her. But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit because I want to thank Ember for her 11 years of Active Military Service to our great country. Support our Troops everyone and don’t fast forward through the interview either or you’ll miss all her stories of how she lost her Virginity at 14, had her First Lesbian experience with a girl in high school and how she and her Bunkie while on active duty lezzed out and even brought other guys in their unit back to service them and clean their fun guns out all over, and inside them. You’re a fun woman Ember and I also want to thank your life partner for lending us your holes today because the sex was award winning and deserving on the Metal of Honor. “Who knew that hours of Fucking and Sucking would feel so good?” was what Ember confessed in the bathroom after Tyler Nixon destroyed her asshole. And I do mean destroyed because her Painal face began to show in Reverse Cowgirl and in Side Spoon but it wasn’t all just “grin and bare it” today for Ember. Nope! She actually had her First Ever Anal Orgasms during O’s #5 and #10 at (39:07) and (1:13:36). She also let out cute little Farts for O #3 at (39:07) and at the beginning of Reverse Cowgirl at (1:12:19). But lets talk more about the Sex because Ember is passionate and likes it a little on the Rough Side, and Tyler was eager to give it to her how she ordered it, and even Deep Throated herself at (58:11) because she’s just that type of a fun girl. The best type if you ask me. She even had her First Orgasm Ever from just Penetration and that oh so special of a moment happened during O #4 at (32:35). Now this is purely speculation on my part by the way but we wanted Ember back to maybe have her go Airtight with a few guys since some of you have been saying to mix it up and have 3 guys on 1. Well Ember seemed for sure like a prime candidate for that assignment but unfortunately she went MIA on us. And just maybe it has something to do with how much she enjoyed herself and how Tyler was able to give her what her man back home was never able to do. Well inquiring minds want to know but unfortunately just like the tomb of the unknown solder, Ember’s MIA now aall we have is just this video to remember and honor her with, and that’s that. So enjoy what we have of this hot Milf everyone and until next weeks update I bid you all farewell.

Orgasm Count Total – 11 (16:53, 20:41, 29:04, 32:35, 39:07, 43:59, 46:57, 1:02:04, 1:06:18, 1:13:36, 1:19:52)

Actors: Ember