[HotMILFsFuck] Nikki (Dick Drunk and Speechless)

Nikki’s 48 and guess what her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do is besides suck cock, or get fucked, or tease guys . . . and ok so it’s not her favorite thing sexually to do but it is her preferred way of masturbating and this is a new one for a MILf pushing 50 to prefer this late in the season. It’s humping pillows to make her cum, and I’ve heard countless teens and 20 some-things say they started out that way but believe it or not Nikki still loves it and God bless you girl. You go get yours and that’s exactly what she did to start things off and even had the quietist orgasm we’ve ever not heard at (7:21). Please get a cock in this woman’s mouth and pronto because . . . well just fucking because, and even though you’ll have to wait to see her excellent Blowjob Skills at (19:59), Alex Mack does finally make an appearance to save us all from the silent doom and uses the Magic Wand and pink double headed dildo on her beautiful pussy inducing O #2 at (18:42). You can even see her womanly juices dripping out of her baby-making factory while Alex makes her taste herself right after her almost silently O. Hot, and the funs just beginning because Alex then puts those DSL’s to good use and Nikki wasn’t lying when she said she loves to Suck Dick. You go girl and she also loves to Lick Balls and practically sucks Alex’s off his body at (21:15) and I’ll bet your hubby back home doesn’t have as big or thick of a hammer as our stud Thor here, and Alex took full advantage to lay it down in Missionary and every subsequent position. She’s in love with large and thick cocks and thoroughly loved it by the way. So how many orgasms did she have in total? Fuck if I know because Nikki says she loses concentration if she talks during an O but she did say she had lots, and surprisingly no one thought to ask her in between positions if she was having any. Rookies, but what for sure was major league actions going on was how Alex fucked our newbie and today was for sure a gland slam home run because Nikki could hardly speak at the end she was so Dick Dr*@k. She also loves creampies and since a lot of you scream every week for more internal ends, I hope this quenches or satisfies some of your thirst. So until next week, may all your pies be filled with cream.

Actors: Nikki