[HotMILFsFuck] Sage (First Orgasm Was at 42)

Let me start off by saying Sage we’re all truly very sorry. Why are we sorry? Well let me explain because from puberty until this hot MILf by definition turned 42 she had no clue why the entire human race loved sex annnnnnnnd what all the hoopla was about. Because you see except for procreation? The only other reason for Sex is to make money or to have orgasms, and unfortunately for Sage she had her first O at the ripe and tender age of 42. Come on girl smile more because you’re hot and you have a beautiful smile. You’re recently divorced so congratulations, and you’re a MILF by definition which is always a plus according to our members. Annnnnnnnd, you’re about to get the shit fucked out of you and have a handful of Orgasms which is most peoples special purpose in life! Pretty good day I’d say and you’re also getting a big wad of Sex-For-Money Benjamin’s to pay off some of those lingering bills that are stacking up. You know what else is stacked? You’re gorgeous Tits that’s what, and you are exactly Tyler’s type. Tall, blonde, and slender with large fake tits just perfect for Titty Fucking which happened right after Orgasm #3 rocked her world at (41:12). You see earth shattering great sex wasn’t apart of Sage’s life AT ALL with her first boyfriend who she lost her virginity to then later married and had kids with and then sexually unknowingly lived an entire decade of her prime years with and never once having an Orgasm. Pretty unbelievable and she’s only been with a handful of men since that first thirty-something years of her sexually unfulfilled life. I can see why you’re not all smiles actually but Sage is a country girl that likes simple things such as staying home and being a homebody, which unfortunately doesn’t allow her to meet any single and eligible older men so she can explore that freaky sexual side of herself. So of course the answer to all your problems will be lying on our bed today because great sex, if nothing else, is the perfect escape from bills and life’s issues. Can we all sing Halleluiah!? So I hope today was enjoyable Sage because I’m sure we’re all going to love watching Tyler wash away your worries.

Orgasm Count Total – 4 (20:38, 33:44, 41:12, 1:03:36)

Actors: Sage