[OnlyTarts] Fibi Euro (Bad Santa)

The holidays have come and gone and Fibi Euro is pretty upset. All of her friends got tons of gifts for Christmas, but she got none. All dressed up and ready to open presents, she sits alone near her tree. She screams out to the skies asking Santa why he skipped her house. How dare he ignore her wish list. Fibi hears a noise in the other room and is shocked to see that Saint has arrived to address her grievances. She did not get her gifts because she has been very naughty this year. Instead of presents, she is going to get punished. Expecting a lump of coal, Fibi is stunned when he puts her over his lap and starts to spank her. This is what happens to bad girls who end up on the Naughty List. Fibi finds that she rather likes the way his hand feels swatting her bare ass and that her pussy is getting wet. If Santa thinks she belongs on the Naughty List then she is going to show him just how naughty she can be. Sliding off his lap, she gets on her knees and puts her mouth around his cock. Fibi has had plenty of practice and expertly swallows his throbbing candy cane. This is exactly how she made her way onto the Naughty List and Santa is happy to bend her over and fuck her wet pussy from behind. Though not what she expected for the holiday, his deep, rough strokes turn her on and his hand on her throat makes her feel like a true bad girl. He puts her back on her knees to receive her final gift, a big load of cock cream all over her pretty face. She may not have made it to the Nice List, but he is going to come visit her again soon to check on her progress.

Actors: Fibi Euro
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