[OnlyTarts] Aliska Dark, Bella Grey (The Exchange Students)

Best friends Bella Grey and Aliska Dark are very excited. They have joined an exchange program and are in a new town for college. They arrive a few days early and find that their lodging is not ready yet. Their professor offers them a room in his place until they can find a place to stay. They both like older men and decide they want to kick off their semester by seducing their professor. Figuring he can’t resist a couple of beautiful young college girls in short skirts, they tease him to get his attention. They are shocked when he turns them down flat. It is wrong for students and professors to engage in such relations. Shocked and alone in the room, the girls make a shocking discovery. The drawers are filled with sexy lingerie and sex toys. Their professor is a freak, but he has specific tastes. If that is what he wants, that is what the girls are going to give him. They get dressed up in tight pink outfits and start playing with the massive toy. When the professor returns to the room and finds them this way, he suddenly forgets that it is wrong and just wants to fuck them. He takes out his huge cock and lets them each suck on it. They have never seen a dick this big and can’t wait to feel it in their other holes. That suits his needs just fine. He bends Aliska over and puts it right in her tight asshole. Bella has never tried anal sex but follows her friend’s example and takes it in her backdoor. They put their faces together to share a big load of cum. No need to find another place to stay. He loves fucking college sluts in the ass and they love being his slutty fuck toys.
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Actors: Aliska Dark, Bella Grey
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