[OnlyTarts] Eva Generosi (My Cuckold Boyfriend Doesn’t Mind)

Eva Generosi loves her boyfriend and is pretty happy with him. Lately though, he has been neglecting her a bit too much. She tries to get him to stop working by crawling into his lap and then getting into bed naked. That just doesn’t break his concentration. Knowing what he likes, the pretty young brunette knows just how to get his attention. She goes into her dresser and pulls out a sexy pink lingerie set that leaves little to the imagination. Adding some garter and her sluttiest pair of heels, she knows she has an outfit he can’t possibly ignore. She is right. He doesn’t ignore it. In fact, it makes him angry. How could she wear such a slutty outfit? Before he can leave the room she screams at him that her ex-boyfriend loved it and that he fucked her better anyway. To prove her point, she calls her ex and moments later has his big cock in her mouth while her new man can only watch in shock. He knows just how to treat her, especially when she is dressed like this. She loves having his balls bouncing on her face while his hand grabs her throat. This kind of rough, passionate sex makes her pussy drip. She can hear her boyfriend typing on his keyboard, trying to ignore them so she starts moaning and screaming louder and louder. No way he can escape the sound or the sights of him fucking her like a filthy little slut. He holds onto her hair and aims his cock for her mouth in time to shoot a massive load all over her face. If her boyfriend wants to keep her, he better learn to fuck her like once in a while.
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Actors: Eva Generosi
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