[AllHerLuv] Ariel X, Cory Chase (Who Needs A Husband?)

Ariel (Ariel X) visits her friend Cory (Chase) and is shocked to see her watching tv on the couch, her apartment a total mess. Cory’s absorbed with seeing 22-year-old Brittney, an exotic beauty on tv delivering morning newscast. “She stole my husband. She stole my life. She fucking replaced me!”, Cory declares. Her husband, the star reporter of Channel 3, sits and smiles as the beautiful Brittney reports the news. Cory seethes, Brittney is everything she’s not. Why did life have to be so cruel? Ariel tries to restore her friend’s confidence, even though her husband has left her after 20 years of marriage, dropping her for his young co-anchor on the tv news.. “No one can replace you. A nice warm bath is what you need”, Ariel says after taking a sniff at her friend’s unkempt hairdo. With Cory still complaining how Brittney has ruined her life, Ariel decides that what they need right away is to go to the beach, then have dinner at a fancy restaurant and spend the night out dancing, all expenses on hubby’s credit card. But first things first -Cory’s still wearing her husband’s t-shirt (still nostalgic about him) -that’s got to go. That night, the women return to the apartment all animated, with Cory excited about a girl she met at the club and danced with, who gave Cory her phone number. “Do I want to date a woman? I’m going crazy!”, Cory innocently asks Ariel. “That’s something you should have thought about before you went to a lesbian bar”, Ariel responds with a smile. “I don’t think she texted me back because I may have offended her”, Cory concedes. “How?”, asks Ariel. “On the dance floor she tried to kiss me, and I turned my cheek. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know how”, Cory recalls. Ariel offers to teach her, and gently kisses Cory on the lips, and soon the two friends are French kissing. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve had the pleasure of kissing”, Ariel whispers to her. Cory is flattered and excited, and asks her pal to keep kissing her, but all over her body. They both undress, and soon Cory has abandoned herself completely to the experienced Ariel. Watch the sensual scene unfold as friends become lovers…
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Actors: Ariel X, Cory Chase
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