[AllHerLuv] Kimmy Kimm, Nicole Kitt, Rachel Rivers, Sophia Burns (Five Stars)

Rachel (Rivers) is waiting for her girlfriend (Sophia Burns) to pick her up, but gets a rideshare lift instead, with the driver (Nicole Kitt) seriously flirting with her, Meanwhile, Sophia is easily seduced by her roommate Kimmy (Kimm), who has been carrying on with her behind Rachel’s back. There is no shortage of orgasms with the roommates’ quickie, but they are barely finished and not even dressed when Nicole’s car pulls into their driveway to deposit passenger Rachel. Rachel says “Five stars” as she gets out of the rideshare and compliments Nicole on the ride. In fact, she wants to get another ride from her, and gets the pretty driver to leave her personal cell phone number. Rachel catches the girls still naked on the bed, and Kimmy tries to explain, but Sophia lamely blurts out: “It’s nothing -I know it looks bad, Kimmy and I were just checking for melanoma”. But Kimmy interjects “the truth”, announcing: “Sophia and I are in love. We never meant to hurt you, but this was something that just happened when you were away on one of your trips”. Rachel is shocked when the naughty duo admits they’ve been carrying on together in her house for 18 months! Understandably, Rachel immediately throws both of them out. Second half of the show begins with Nicole visiting Rachel’s home, returning the purse her sexy passenger left in the rideshare car. Rachel spontaneously invites her on a date, and when they return, she invites Nicole “to stay a while for a little nightcap” (hint, hint). Nicole briefly plays hard to get, but a kiss convinces her otherwise, and soon they’re making out on the couch. Watch the hot sex scene on the rebound unfold…
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Actors: Kimmy Kimm, Nicole Kitt, Rachel Rivers, Sophia Burns
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