[AllHerLuv] Melissa Stratton, Octavia Red (Tiger)

Adele (Octavia Red) gets into bed with her wife Marie (Jessica Ryan), but Marie ignores her, engrossed in a new book she’s been wanting to read. Finally Adele gets her attention and announces: “My girlfriend from high school is coming into town”. Marie is annoyed, grousing: “I can’t stand you and ‘Tiger’ Flirt!” Adele protests: “We don’t flirt -she’s as straight as they come, and she’s going to be getting married soon”. Marie concedes that she can stand ‘Tiger” in town for a couple of days, but is none too pleased that Adele has invited her to stay with them for the weekend, without consulting with her. The two ladies go to sleep angry. The next day, Octavia is excited at Laura’s (aka Tiger’s) arrival and gives her a big hug in the doorway to their home. Marie’s away visiting her mother, and Laura announces she’s thinking of calling off her wedding to Drew -they don’t have a sexual spark between them, after five years together. Showing Laura to the guest room, Adele is surprised when Laura changes her clothes right in front of her, and she has trouble averting her eyes at the sight of her curvaceous friend briefly standing there naked. That night, Adele’s already in bed when Marie joins her, putting on a slip and lying down next to her. In the guest room, Laura hears the sounds of them making love, and she responds by masturbating. Next morning Marie is gone again, running errands, and Laura begins flirting, even wondering what it would be like to make love to a woman. She kisses Adele and soon they’re making love on the living room couch, with Adele wearing a strap-on dildo Afterward, she feels guilty about cheating on her wife. That night Marie comes home in a bad mood and packs a suitcase, declaring to Adele: “I’m going to Sunnyside until I get my home back”. She’s jealous and adds: “I can’t and I won’t be in the same house with her”. Adele keeps apologizing for having invited her friend to stay with them, but she can’t convince her wife to stay, even though Laura will be leaving tomorrow. Laura’s overheard their fight and comes to the bedroom to comfort Adele. But she also declares: “it was the hottest sex of my life”, adding “What’s done is done”. Out of the blue she suggests: “I can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to be wearing your little toy”. Adele is flattered, and laughs: “You know where I left it”. Watch the homewrecker in action for a second helping of sex with Adele…
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Actors: Melissa Stratton, Octavia Red
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