[ExCoGiGirls] Amber Moore, Hannah, Roxanne (Lezzzzz Be Friends)

LETS GET READY TO RUUUUMBLEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And jump right into the action shall we because I can’t think of a better early Christmas present then these three absolutely gorgeous girls taking their clothes off and lezzying out. I’ve never wanted to be a Temperpedic mattress more than I do today as Amber, Roxanne, & Hannah get naked and have a bunch of girly fun on it. This is Amber Moore’s first ever all girl threesome and it’s hot. I think I’ll let this one speak for itself without me going into a long drawn out write up because I’m leaving you once more a bunch of quotes below from today’s lez-a-marathon that I hope will illustrate this scenes completely scorching hotness. One highlight though worth mentioning is there’s a bunch of spitting going on in this one. @Brent you should like this and go figure, both Roxanne and Amber confessed their love of spitting, along with a bunch of other naughty things in the intro-view, and when Rox spits into Amber’s mouth at (1:10:10) as Hannah’s in a 69 with her then she goes back to licking Hannah’s asshole!? Well that’s the kitty cats meow and it’s just fucking hot. So I hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, and have a safe and fun New Years. Make it home safe please, please, please and have a designated driver.

P.S. Before excogigirls I used to cry out of eyes. But now that I’ve seen Amber, Roxanne, and Hannah in Amber’s first ever Girl/Girl/Girl threesome? Well now I cry out of my penis.

Actors: Amber Moore, Hannah, Roxanne
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