[ExCoGiGirls] Hannah, Roxanne (Blonde & Brunette. Double Trouble)

Hello and we have double trouble today with returning Blondie Roxanne and Brunette Hannah Stasia who just happened to of changed her name from Ivy Brooks since her previous escapades with us. To many Ivy’s she explained and I don’t really give a fuck what we call you because I’m calling both you girls gorgeous. Shwing alert and there’s no need to go stampeding towards the clitoris with these two gorgeous girls because Hannah explained neck kisses get the lower lips moist and the vagina juices flowing. So what did Roxanne do? Well she’s a good listener and kissed Hannah’s neck at (5:25) and got her tingly love juices activated. Guys take note because you just have to ask what turns a girl on and she’ll tell you. No guessing involved or painstakingly frustrating trial and error happening on the excogigirls bed today because these two fillies came to roam the well groomed and pristine pastures of their girlie parts and we are so thankful they did. So there’s not much interview talking in this one, and what little there was quickly got doused by the hotness of Roxanne and Hannah taking off each others tops so they could lick and tease each other into a hot frenzy mess. There’s just something about girls and how they can take their time to get to the meat of things and I’m perfectly fucking ok with the anticipation, buildup and foreplay here because both these girl watched each other’s videos in eager expectancy and hope that fireworks would shoot off as they tasted each others pretty as pink, dripping wet pussies. Sounds like a youthful adolescent’s first kiss if you ask me that ended up with both girls’ faces buried deep between each other’s legs ending in a hot as fuck make out session with the girls “other” lips. More hotness and the innocence just keeps flowing as Hannah asks Roxanne if she can “Lick it” at (13:21) and who doesn’t want an eager beaver to lick their kitty cat. Now for only being the sixth vagina Hannah has ever licked, this girl excels at naughtiness. This is why I started this site. To capture a hot young girl’s first experiences in girl on girl love and to watch her blossom into a full-fledged lover of vagina. Sorry mom and dad. No grandchildren conceived naturally at this pace and trajectory because in last week’s update entitled, “I’m Never Going Back To Boys” Hannah confessed exactly that, and who’d want to? These girls went after it like two starved nuns who’d been locked up in a convent for years and just discovered licking slit can be just as much fun as getting dicked. Well almost but you get the point and to prove my point each girl had two, yes count em, two orgasms from just being fingered and licked. No toys involved and you purists have been screams for this so I’m happy and proud as an expectant father to show off his new born to you all because this was a first here, and I hope for many, many, many more to cum. I’ll let you discover which of the awesomely great O’s out of the four these two each had were the non mechanically induced ones. Kinda like Where’s Waldo except way more fucking fun to play. So if you all don’t like this scene then there’s no hope for humanity and all is lost. So I really, really, really, really, really hope everyone enjoys the show.

Actors: Hannah, Roxanne
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