[ExCoGiGirls] Hannah, Justine, Trinity (I Want To Do This Everyday)

Hello sports fans and today we have another triple-header with three very hot hotties that love licking pussy. Let me introduce 41-year-old MILF bombshell Justine and just let me say holy mother of fuck because today’s going to be a great day. So if you’re a fan and member of excogigirls then just last week we witnessed newbie Ivy Brooks lick her first slit ever and it’s in the top 5 for a reason because it was also with Trinity Olsen and do I need to say more. Trinity’s just awesome with new girls and as all you adoring fans have stated, she’s exactly what this Lesbian Industry needs. But lets discuss Justine because during the chitchat intro we find out that she likes girls a lot but has never been with girls this young before. Love it and even Ivy was more excited to lick Justine’s pussy today I felt because she admitted she’s more excited about having an older woman like Justine lick her pussy, and for her to lick Justine’s pussy. Fuck me and who wouldn’t be turned on by Justine right? She’s fucking hot and once the get to know each other usual chitchat concludes the tops come off and the girls compare breasts, body’s, Asses and just touch and kiss each other for some very hot Girl on Girl on Girl porn play. Man I wish I was a girl right now because girls are just softer and smell better I think and it makes me just want to join in on the fun. Ok and fast forward to the action, and it’s Justine first to remove her panties and Trinity spreads those beautiful pink pussy lips at (19:16) to showcase her moneymaker as Ivy sits in anticipation of licking it. No lie, Ivy really wants to lick Justine’s slit BADLY and as she sits patiently in anticipation, licking and seductively biting on her lips, she looks at Justine and says, “Can I put my tongue on it?” and COME THE FUCK ON!!! This isn’t fare because hotness can’t be manufactured like this. I’m really about to explode in my pants at this point everyone it’s so hot and women know it’s anticipation that’s everything in sex. Well they’re going to make us wait a little longer as these three decided to fool around and explore each others pussies for a few more minutes before Ivy got her wish and licked Justine’s pussy at (21:36). Now of course Trinity got into the action and began playing with Ivy’s pussy from behind and rimmed her asshole as Ivy’s tongue sent Justine to the moon and back. And if that wasn’t enough, Trinity at (23:45) began sucking on Justine’s feet and toes until she erupted in the first of three orgasms at (25:55) and now it’s a party. It’s also around this time that Trinity decides to jump up and grab the headboard and sits on Justine’s face, and Justine couldn’t be happier because she stated in the interview it was what she was looking forward to most. We like making dreams come true here and when Ivy went up to lick Trinity’s asshole at (33:01) as Justine made out with Trinity’s lower lips, it’s exactly this kind of shit that wet dreams are made of. Next the girls switch positions and it’s Justine’s turn to lick Trinity’s slit and what happens next was a gusher of excellence as Trinity had two squirting orgasms back to back that landed directly into Justine’s face, and like the true lover of all things sex that she is, opened her mouth with her tongue out as she ferociously finger fucked Trinity’s slit, then licks it all up as Trinity gasps in amazement and declares, “You’re so nasty, I love it.” Now I ask, does it really get any better than this? Maybe, because immediately after that one, Trinity erupts a second time and Justine responds exactly the same way and lightning does strike in the same spot twice. Wow, and I could go on and on about all the fantastic and unique things these three nymphs’ do during this epic all girl threesome but I just don’t have the time to write that novel. So I’ll summarize some highlights and provide you all with some Porn Notes. Kind of like Cliff Notes: for Dummies, but way hotter. At (44:10) Trinity Farted / Queefed into Justine’s face and I just love this woman because instead of getting grossed out she just laughs it off and then dives her tongue right back in to enjoy the Pussy / Ass Eating feast. Let’s see, the girls then get into 69 Position and at (51:51) Justine while on top of Ivy licks her pussy as Ivy licks Justine’s while Trinity licks Justine’s asshole and that’s what I call a good time. Next at (54:27) while Justine is sitting on Ivy’s face and Trinity’s licking Ivy pussy, and if you’re not paying attention you might miss that Ivy’s right foot and toes twitch about in what I would only interpret to be sheer bliss of licking a true Milf’s pussy while having her own licked. Next, Trinity breaks out the colorful magic wands to use on the girls and Justine and Ivy assume the positions, getting on all fours to receive the vibrating torture treatment before these three get into an all girl licking train and lets all jump on board and go for a ride shall we because this train and scene just kept picking up steam and momentum as soon as it left the station, and the fun didn’t end on the bed. Nope, these three took the naughty shenanigans to the shower and confessed all their naughty sins down the drain for a little post sex cool down workout. So with that everyone I bid you all farewell, enjoy the feature presentation, and as Justine said today, “This is fucking Heaven.” You’re So FUCKING RIGHT!!! And until next weeks update, Cheers everyone.

Actors: Hannah, Justine, Trinity
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